REALITY: You need just as much nurturing care as new parents as your newborn baby does.

Our role as postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists is to provide skilled care for both you and your baby.

It's ok to not know everything about your baby on day one.

Having a new baby is a big change. Along with physical healing, you are going through a big emotional transformation as you welcome your new child into the world. My team and I are there for you in the tender first weeks and months postpartum.

CT daytime postpartum doula

Daytime Infant Care/Postpartum Doula [in-person]

It’s nice to have an extra set of hands around when everything is new. Maybe you need some rest or some time away from the baby. We will feed, burp, swaddle, soothe, bathe, and get your baby to sleep while you focus on healing and recovery. Maybe you need some TLC yourself. As postpartum doulas, we’ll support your needs as a new mom, including doing dishes, straightening up, making light snacks, and supporting you throughout the transition to motherhood.

Daytime care typically occurs between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. with a 4 hour minimum, though hours are flexible.

FEE: Daytime care:$50/hour with a 4 hour minimum.

CT overnight newborn care

Overnight Care/Night Nurse Services [in-person]

Need some sleep? We are here to help! While you get some much needed sleep, we will care for your baby. This includes diaper changes, feedings, swaddling, comforting, and getting your baby to sleep. If you are breastfeeding and wish to do so overnight, we will bring the baby to you for a nursing session, and when you are finished, we do the rest, so you can go right back to sleep. If your baby is bottle fed, or when you are ready for your breastfed baby to have bottles, we will wake with your baby for feedings. While your baby is sleeping, we can fold a basket of laundry, wash bottles or pump parts, and straighten up the nursery.

Overnight newborn care typically occurs between the hours of 9p.m. and 7a.m.

FEE: Overnight care:$60/hour with an 8 hour minimum.

CT private infant care class

Infant Care Educational Session [virtual or in-person]

We will educate and instruct you about baby care topics such as feeding, changing, swaddling, safety, and the first bath, either virtually or in-home. This is a great opportunity for you to have 1:1 time with Susie Shortsleeve, RN. Book this service during pregnancy or postpartum.

CT postpartum planning consult

Postpartum Planning Session [virtual or in-person]

I can educate you about the changes that take place during the Fourth Trimester as well as how to prepare for postpartum healing, including what supplies you need and how to set up the necessary support systems. Book this service with Susie Shortsleeve, RN during pregnancy or postpartum.

Susie Shortsleeve Postpartum Doula

CALL THE DOULA Support Sessions with Susie Shortsleeve, RN


Having a new baby can be wonderful and it can also feel very overwhelming and exhausting at the same time. Questions can start in pregnancy, too. It can be a relief to have a medical professional, doula, and infant care specialist to talk to about your concerns, questions and worries. Why do I feel this way? How do I use this swaddle blanket? Will my baby ever sleep through the night? A Call the Doula session offers non-judgmental expert guidance and support from early pregnancy through the first few months of motherhood.

INVESTMENT: $75 / 30 minutes


Dear Sunday Motherhood: How to Have a Better Pregnancy Experience: From Trying to Conceive Through Birth
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Dear Sunday Motherhood:How to Make a Postpartum Plan: Digital Download
This 3-page digital download outlines how to optimize your fourth trimester so that you can heal, rest, and bond with your baby. You'll learn how to set up support, plan for sleep deprivation, and more.
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Postpartum Depression
DID YOU KNOW? Between 1 in 5 and 1 in 7 new mother’s experience some type of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD), such as postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety. If you are noticing symptoms such as crying, worry, irritability, or anxiety that is getting in the way of your ability to care for yourself or your baby and symptoms persist past the two-week postpartum timeline, you could have a PMAD. Please consider the below resources for support and treatment.

  • Postpartum Support International. The leading non-profit dedicated to helping families suffering from postpartum depression, anxiety, and distress. Find a trained professional near you by visiting their provider directory.
  • The Motherhood Center. Providing virtual and in-person supportive services for new and expecting moms, including a range of treatment options for women experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Additional Local & Virtual Support

I regularly work with and refer clients out to lactation consultants (IBCLCs), other doulas, and other prenatal and postpartum specialists. If you are seeking care in a specific area such as breastfeeding, I am happy to connect you with a trained and trusted professional near your home. Reach out today.

Coaching Services
Kristy Zadrozny, founder of Expecting(nyc) coaches families throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Kristy has over ten years of experience and has worked with thousands of families through massage therapy, mindfulness-based education, labor, and postpartum doula support and as a Certified Lactation Counselor. Kristy specializes in partner and family relationship dynamics, newborn sleep cycles, and breastfeeding. Kristy is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and sees clients at Mindful.NYC as their Resident Family Therapy Intern.